sara lindsey. (filenames) wrote in lds_questions,
sara lindsey.

hiii my name's sara, and i'm in a bit of a dilema.

i'm 16, he's 16. i'm not religious whatsoever, and he's mormon.

last night was homecoming, and my extremely close friend, Matt took me. we've been flirting like CRAZY and all those who have been around us an compleatly tell. today is actually my 16th birthday, so at midnight last night (after the dance) matt told me to make a birthday wish. when he asked me what it was, i told him that i couldn't tell him, or it wouldn't come true. we ended up going for a walk together and were out until about 1 in the morning. we stood in a parking lot for a while, standing very very very close haha. so the entire time he was trying to guess what my wish was. finally, he got it right and we ended up kissing. it was nothing horribly spectacular, but it was just what i had wished for.

but now the problem arises that i have absoloutly NO IDEA where this whole thing is headed. it wasn't ackward at all, but i'm not so sure about the whole mormons dating non mormons thing. he's had one previous girlfriend, but i don't know if she was mormon or not.

:/ so, i'm just kind of confused. in no way do i want to disrespect his faith, but i also really like this kid. any advice would be AMAZING :) thank you!
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