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Moroni Question

I have a question-I was looking for information on Moroni-

Can anyone suggest books, links, papers?
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Which Mormoni, and what do you want to know?
Angel Moroni-

Basically anything-I am curious how the lds community view him etc- bascially any info.
I don't think many of us think of him on a daily basis, and what we do think is basically what's described in JS-H 1:33-59 (in terms of his time as an angel), and the books of Mormon, Ether and Moroni in the Book of Mormon will have more to do with his mortal time and ministry.

Since I don't know where you're going with this, I'm not sure the direction to point you beyond this.
Well i am trying to get a better understand of Moroni to be honest-Since to me he seems to be a important of a Figure-guarding the plates and what not-

I am just facinated by him and his role that i was curious into where could I find more information on him and His life-

I guess coming from a Polytheistic background I am trying to better understand him and his role-

But also is he still just an angel once he retrieved the plates from Joseph Smith? Or was he Exalted?
Moroni was a prophet entrusted with a sacred record. He passed that record along to help open this dispensation. All we have on his life and ministry is to be found in Mormon, Ether and Moroni, so that's definitely the place to start.

An angel is a messenger, in this case, a messenger from God. In Mormonism, there's no particular implication about someone's state of mortality/immortality inherent in that -- some angels were pre-mortal and some were post-mortal, and I personally believe in mortal angels, although I can not find scriptural proof-texts to support that idea.

There's no reason to think that Moroni has not been exalted. I seem to recall some authoritative statement indicating that he was a resurrected being, rather than a disembodied spirit. That's about as much as I can think of that's remotely solid doctrinally. There's plenty of doctrinal speculation to be found in the Journal of Discourses that you might find interesting, but please don't confuse it with official doctrine.

Don't know if that helps much. It's something.
thank you very much-I will check out the Journal of Discourses--

I understand on the official vs non official doctrine-as a friend of mine is LDS-

Thank You!