Mee-rah (utahsaint) wrote in lds_questions,

Was/Is the Saviour married?

Hi :) My name is Maria and I just joined this wonderful community. I'm a convert to the church of about 6 years and I always have loads of questions that sometimes I don't know where to go to ask so hopefully you guys can help me:)

It might be a weird question, but does anyone know if the Saviour was married in this life or is he married now? Or will he be married later? It's just that I've heard people say that Heavenly Father has a wife, so then the Saviour must have one also right? Also, a few years ago when I was a new convert a missionary told me that he thought that Mary Magdelene was his wife as she was the one he appeared to first when he was resurected. Is there an official church stance on this?

Thanks for your help guys.
(oh and despite my user name I am actually from Australia, people always ask me so I thought I'd let you know first.Utahsaint are actually a band from the UK from the early 90's)
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