The Fallen Angel (criostai) wrote in lds_questions,
The Fallen Angel


I'm having trouble with D&C 132. Mostly verse 20, and the verses about
polygamy (55-66 I think).
How can God say to his prophet to once say
polygamy was ok and part of the process of getting to the highest degree of
glory, then declare it forbidden and anyone who does so will be excommunicated
(as in the Official Declaration 1)?? I also notice that in the Book of Mormon it
says man will have one wife and only one, or it would be adultery.

noticed also that before the polygamy verses in section 132 that it has a little
information to Emma Smith, to be obediant to her husband through whatever may
come. This. Sort of a premeditated thing.

Comments? Any
thoughts about this will greatly be appreciated.
I'm not trying to down the
church or anything, I really do want to understand and be rebaptised, but this
is something that is hard to jump over.
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