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LDS Questions

Curious about LDS Beliefs and Doctrines?

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A group of communities linked together in one large cluster and maintained as a whole. This cluster has been created to give more choices for LDS members of Livejournal.com, and to provide a safe and welcoming environment to communicate with other LDS members and interested non-members, form friendships, and share experiences.

Although these communities represent general views and standards of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and a random sampling of it's membership, this is NOT an official site for said church. None of the LDS Cluster Community members are official representatives or experts from or of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Please take all posts, experiences, and comments with that understanding. The official website of the LDS church can be found at: www.lds.org

1 - Respect everyone as the Children of God that they are. When in doubt choose what Christ would choose.

2 - Behave in a manner reflecting the values of the LDS church in topic , language, & icon depiction. For reference please read For The Strength of Youth

3 - Problems, suggestions, & Questions - We encourage expression of all of these at the maintainer's journal, lds_mod, also any news of changes and updates or additions to the cluster can be seen in your friends page by requesting at the maintainer's journal to be listed as a friend. For more details please see the maintainer's journal.

4 - If in violation of any rules and/or standards you will receive one warning/reminder in the form of a comment from the maintainer or moderator before action is taken.

5 - The maintainer reserves the right to alter the rules at any time without notice (although if the change is prominent there will be an update post referring to it). Please review them periodically. The maintainer also reserves the right to accept or deny membership at his/her discretion. By joining any of the clustered communities you acknowledge you have read and agree to abide by these and the individual rules of the community.

6 - Cross-posting IS ALLOWED and welcome. We understand that many of our members are also members of other LDS communities and that there will be a desire to share questions and posts between communities.

The lds_questions community was created with the intent and purpose to give non-lds, newly lds, and even established lds members a place to respectfully ask questions of current members. This is NOT a bashing community, and all faiths will be respected, this especially includes the hosting religion.

1 - All questions will be taken seriously providing the intent behind them is serious. There will be no making fun or light of questions, beliefs, or making a mockery of ANY religion, especially the LDS religion.

2 - Please leave your sarcasm, nasty comments, and any other behavior that could possibly be construed as disrespectful, unkind, cruel, and mocking outside this forum.

3 - We will not tolerate any form of bashing or put downs of any belief system. There will be no purposeful drama-making here, and all those that violate this will be either warned, or immediately banned from the community depending on the nature of the offense.

more will be added later.

We appreciate you spreading the word through your personal journals, or in other applicable communities where promotion is allowed.

The Official Site of the LDS Church
Basic info about our Beliefs